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Do you suspect that you have a cavity in your tooth? Or, perhaps you have had a silver amalgam filling done in the past and are now experiencing tooth sensitivity? If your situation related to one of these cases, you will be glad to know that modern dentistry has created a solution in the form of white fillings. If you are looking to obtain white fillings in Vaughan or Richmond Hill, the team from Cityview Smiles Dental is here for you!

Silver amalgam fillings had been the only available solution for filling tooth cavities for several decades, yet they are now being eliminated from use due to their risk of causing health problems. These metal fillings contain high amounts of mercury, a neurotoxin that can lead to tooth sensitivity, as well as kidney malfunction and impaired brain development in vulnerable individuals.White Fillings Richmond Hill

The Benefits of White Fillings

Today, white fillings are available as a healthier and more aesthetically appealing solution for restoring full functionality to an unhealthy tooth. These fillings are made from an entirely safe composite material, which not only protects your tooth from infection but also improves its shape, size and overall durability.

At Cityview Smiles Dental, your health and well-being are our top priority, which is why we offer strictly metal-free dentistry in our sophisticated dental office. Your dentist Dr. Genna Gelfand possesses the mastery and experience to provide you with white fillings that perfectly match the colour of your teeth for a seamless end result.

We offer white fillings for patients looking to repair growing cavities and eliminate the effects of tooth decay, as well as for those wishing to replace their metal fillings with a safer and more attractive alternative.

To learn more about the benefits of white fillings in Richmond Hill or Vaughan, ON, please call or email Dr. Gelfand and team today.

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