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Genna Gelfand, DDS

  • Fellow of International Dental Implant Association
  • 2000+ implants placed in 10+ years
  • Recipient of Award in Oral Pathology from the University of Western Ontario
  • One Stop Shop – Dr. Gelfand Can Take Care of All Your Dental Needs Under 1 Roof
  • Advanced Post-Graduate Training In:
  • Implantology
  • Orthodontics
  • Invisalign®
  • Periodontology
  • Sedation Dentistry


  • "Went to see Dr. Gelfand for a quick root canal. They have a great modern office with lots of parking and the staff is great. They had no issues in getting me in quick to fix the tooth. They also offered great appointment times to accommodate my schedule.Will be back to see them for any future issues."
    Mario P.
  • "I had 12 implants and bridges done by Dr.Gelfand and his assistant. Dr.Gelfand is the most professional dentist I have ever met. His assistant and Melissa at front desk are very sweet and friendly, make me feel very comfortable and at ease. I am so grateful to them. I would highly recommend Dr.Gelfand and his team. 5 stars are not enough!"
    Alice Z.
  • "Highly recommend this Dental office. Got my wisdom teeth removed on one side. And the staff are so friendly make you feel comfortable and at ease. Will be getting my other wisdom teeth removed here soon! For anyone looking for good service and a experienced Dentist. this is the place!"
    Ainaa D.


If you are looking for a permanent way to replace a missing tooth that is most similar to your natural one, a dental implant may be the perfect solution for you. At our dental clinic, Dr. Genna Gelfand will perform the entire implant dentistry procedure in one office – our Vaughan or Richmond Hill location, depending on where you visit us. This includes designing and fitting the replacement teeth or restoring your faulty crowns.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small, sturdy titanium posts, placed into your upper or lower jaw bone to act as the root structure would for a natural tooth. After the bone has re-grown around the implant and the gum tissue has healed, implants can hold a dental crown, bridge or dentures just like roots hold natural teeth in place.

Dental implants are highly durable and can last a lifetime. They require the same maintenance as natural teeth, which includes brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.

Types Of Dental Implants

There are two types of dental implants, both of which can be installed in our Richmond Hill and Vaughan offices:

Endosteal Implants: These are placed within the jawbone. They appear in the form of small screws or cylinders – these are the most common type of dental implant.

Subperiosteal Implants: These types of implants are placed under the gum but above the jawbone. It is most commonly used in patients with a weaker or more shallow jawbone and are unable to undergo a procedure to re-construct it.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of your dental implants will vary – no two patients nor their customized dental implant treatment plans are alike. Following an initial consultation with Dr. Gelfand, a treatment plan will be crafted for you and the estimated number of appointments and cost per dental implant will follow.

Cost typically depends on the extent and the degree of invasiveness of the procedure, and some dental plans cover a portion of the expenses. Dr. Gelfand can consult with you at either our Richmond Hill or Vaughan locations to discuss the benefits of dental implants as well as financing options.

Why Consider Dental Implant?

Without the root structure of a natural tooth, your jaw bone can shrink. Without the added support, your face will instantly look older. Dental implants can be used in solutions for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. Patients with removable, conventional dentures or bridges who undergo the implants procedure experience a significant improvement in their ability to chew food comfortably.

Additionally, dental implants have are no loose parts, and they are stable and comfortable. Not only do they look and feel like natural teeth, but they also allow you to chew, smile, and talk completely naturally. This will lead to improved self-esteem and confidence wherever you go!
For more information on dental implants in Vaughan or Richmond Hill, please contact CityView Smiles Dental today at our Richmond Hill office or at our Vaughan office. We look forward to your call or email at the location closest to you.

We are currently accepting new patients. Emergencies are always welcome!

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