Morena G.

I'd like to thank Dr. Gelfand and his team for such an amazing experience! His office was clean and his staff were very professional and made you feel like a family member as soon as you walk in! My fiancé had to come in for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction that was causing him ALOT of pain. The Dr. Sat down with him and had a consultation explaining his situation told him how much it would cost and gave us several options to choose from as money was tight at the moment. The Dr. And his team were so helpful and worked with us every step of the way! Once he started working on his tooth I could tell from the beginning that my fiancé was in good hands! The Dr. Was so gentle and kept asking if he was alright, once he was done we were like.. That's it?! Honestly amazing Dr.! We couldn't be happier with the service at your office! I've already told numerous people about you so expect alot more visitors to come your way! Thank you so much! I'll be seeing you guys soon for a family visit!

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